How to setup IPTV on KODI?

Kodi is an open-source media player which is a free application that functions as a digital media center. This application enables you to play your media, cast it between various devices, from a primary location to other devices. There are tons of diverse open-source media players available on the internet from streaming IPTVchannels, but Kodi manages to be the best one in a vast selection. It enables users to stream videos, songs and different digital media contents from a local storage or using an internet connection for streaming online.

Previously known as XBMC (Xbox Media Center), Kodi was formerly intended to serve as a media player for the original Xbox. Nonetheless, as time has passed, XBMC enhanced a continuing open-source project and has strongly built its fame as the elder of media players. By using Kodi, you are will never be limited to one device. Kodi provides you with the capability to stream almost any content from any location. For example, if you have a video on your Smartphone but you want to play it on your gaming console, Kodi will be there for you. Or if you want to see the season six of Game of Thrones throughout a lengthy trip? Kodi got you covered. Basically, all you need to do is to sync it with the device that you want to watch.

How to bring IPTV channels to Kodi

Installing Kodi is astonishingly simple. All you need to do is to download Kodi, double-click on the Kodi image and then perform the setup wizard. It’s that simple! After Kodi installed, you can download a vast variety of add-ons to improve the experience. Here we will show you how to install it.

Step 1: First start by enabling the „Live TV“ feature by selecting „System“ and then „Settings„.
iptv on kodi

Step 2: Select „Live TV“ from the menu.
iptv on kodi

Step 3: Select „Enable“ at the top.
iptv on kodi

Step 4: A message will be shown asking to enable a PVR addon. Click OK.
iptv on kodi

Step 5: This will take you to the add-on screen for all the PVR clients. Select the „PVR IPTV Simple Client„.

*This add-on is one of the best extension for streaming IPTV channels.
iptv on kodi

Step 6: After selecting „Enable“ click on the „Configure„.
iptv on kodi

Step 7: Change general location to the „Remote path“ (Internet Address) and paste the „M3U URL“ provided by your IPTV distributor.
iptv on kodi

Step 8: After uploading the M3U playlist, Press OK, exit and restart KODI.

After restarting Kodi, A Live TV section will appear in the main menu. Click on it and from here you can stream IPTV channels on your device.


Kodi is able to play virtually every media content that you can imagine and is very customizable. Kodi allows you to change the color, skin of the user interface based on your tasteful preferences. You can also download tons of various add-ons to make your entertainment world even more remarkable.